A Message to Our Families

Dear Families, 

First, we apologize for the attendance messages about tardies. Please disregard any messages you may have received about them from Infinite Campus. We are currently using T to record two-way communication. We are working to get notifications turned off. The T now stands for two-way communication, not tardy.

Keep in mind that no one expects students to work for seven hours per day on activities provided by our schools and teachers. Please see the chart below for some suggested time frames for education at home. We also strongly recommend that you create a schedule for your kids during this time, something that gives them structure, knowing that at any time you might need to abandon the schedule for a little social/emotional focus.

Also, meaningful TWO-WAY communication is required at least once per week to confirm attendance/participation. This communication can be direct with the teacher via phone call, email, Dojo, text messages, video conference, etc. It does not have to be one-on-one. If students participate in a group activity online, like a short lesson via video conference, the teacher will mark them as having this TWO-WAY communication.

The important part is TWO-WAY, meaning students and/or parents must respond to the teacher with information connected to the lessons at least once each week to be counted as present for the whole week.


Nye County School District

School Closure Update

March 22, 2020

Governor Sisolak recently announced an extension of the school building site closures. School buildings will reopen no earlier than April 16, 2020, and only upon the approval of the Chief Medical Officers of the State of Nevada after a review of the risk of transmission within the geographic area defined by the Chief Medical Officer. These closures are in response to extraordinary circumstances for which a national emergency has been duly declared by the President of the United States.

This announcement also included a directive from the Governor’s Office to continue to provide food and instructional materials for our students. Per the guidelines offered by the Nevada Department of Education, Nye County School District has developed and submitted an Emergency Program of Distance Education, i.e., NCSD’s Learning-at-a-Distance Plan with support from the NCSD Board of Trustees. This was submitted at 2:00 pm, March 22, 2020.

If Nye County School District had failed to submit the Emergency Program of Distance Education request, we would be required to submit an updated school calendar indicating our plan to make up these lost instructional days during this COVID-19 school closure period.

  • The Nye County School District must provide curriculum materials and support Learning-at-a- Distance.

  • Each pupil must be contacted by a licensed teacher or long term substitute teacher at least once per week for attendance purposes as well as put in place a method for documenting contact with pupils.

  • Licensed teachers and/or long term substitutes will be accessible to pupils through the internet or by telephone during the school’s regularly scheduled hours. All contacts must be documented for attendance purposes.

  • At this time, food distribution is considered an essential service during closure; therefore, the need continues for staffing to provide this essential function.


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