Dress Code

Round Mountain Schools Dress Code

Hats: Hats are allowed, as long as ears are visible. 

All skirts/shorts/dresses must be a minimum of fingertip length. Knee length preferred for dresses and skirts

Tank tops are not encouraged and spaghetti straps are not permitted. 

Pajamas, house slippers, and blankets/pillows are not permitted

When wearing hoodies, the hood part is not to be pulled over the head (as it covers the ears)

Sunglasses are to be taken off while in the building

Graphic tees must be appropriate (no references or pictures of alcohol, drugs, guns, or violence)

Crop tops, half shirts, and one shoulder shirts are not permitted. 

Any jeans with holes must not show skin above fingertip length

Cell Phones: No cell phones are allowed in the classroom. Cell phones need to be turned off and stored in the student’s bag or the cell phone holder provided in the classroom. 

As a school, we strive to provide a professional learning environment. We want to prepare our students for success in the community and work world. Thank you for supporting our dress for success attitude